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Agile Project Management Certification

What is Agile Project Management Certification

Agile project management certification is similar to the traditional classic PMP, PRINCE2, or any other Waterfall project management certification type but adding a focus on additional modern Agile principles.

Example of Agile Project Management certification is the modern title presented by the Business Value-Oriented Principles Ltd (

They created their Business Value-Oriented Principles carefully collected in the BVOP Ultimate Guide that is the primary source of self-study for the BVOP Certified Project Manager title.

BVOP Certified Project Manager
The BVOP® Certified Project Manager is an Agile project management role with advanced awareness of multiple practices

The BVOP Certified Project Manager is an Agile role different than the classic traditional project management professionals and focuses mainly on providing a business value-added on all project management processes and product management and development practices in the teams.

The Agile BVOP Certified Project Manager diploma

How to get certified

You need to follow this easy process. Create an account, get exam trials, go for the real certification exam. Pass successfully.

Agile Project Management Certification Process

Certification on the BVOP Agile Project Management requires the following easy steps:

  • Create an account on the platform
  • After registering you will receive 3 trial exams
  • Learn the sections of the BVOP Ultimate Guide to understand the topics
  • Run your first trial exam. Try to do your best. Check the results
  • Read again the BVOP Ultimate Guide.
  • Run your second trial certification exam.
  • Repeat until you get enough confidence
  • Pay your examination fee. If you have BVOP promo code, your exam will be a very affordable cost
  • Re-call the BVOP Ultimate Guide
  • Run your real online certification exam attempt.
  • Enjoy your new diploma

Support and assistance

All certification bodies offer support and assistance to their students and candidates. Always look for the contacts pages and seek for contact details and e-mail.

If you have questions or uncertainties connect to the support teams and ask them what you need to know.

The BVOP Team for example always replies with detailed information so bother them 24/7.

One reply on “Agile Project Management Certification”

Hello! I am writing to you about applying for a free project management certification. I am sending my cover letter.

I would like to study project management to expand my horizons.
I have been researching for a long time what I can do as a new field, because the field in which I work no longer satisfies me – both from a financial point of view and from the point of view that everything is very “retro”, as well as the understandings of bosses, colleagues, etc. I would like some more dynamic, interesting work with younger colleagues. It can be said that I was ambitious for the “bad” things in my old job, respectively I was motivated by my inner voice to look for something new and unknown that would be interesting to me.

I have built a lot of qualities that I think fit perfectly with the qualities that I am required to have for my dream job as a project manager.


For a long time I have been actively working on my negative traits in my character, which brings me and has always brought me only bad consequences, in the last 2 years I generally do much better and manage to control myself in most cases. My goal is to minimize the damage I do to myself, the way is once I know this and work on it to continue to do so in the future.

In the moments when I feel unjustly accused, I literally can’t control my emotions. In general, I am quite a calm person, but in such situations I explode. I work on this trait by practicing and I hope that in time I will be able to let only the one who created them deal with these emotions.

Selfishness – this is something I want to keep as a feature. I believe that a project manager should have this quality. I am selfish both in my personal life and at work. I admit that sometimes it brought me negatives, because I try to be well, I look like the center of attention, I rob the “larvae” so to speak. But I’m not a team player like that. I think I will work on this trait in the coming months the most, because in the work of a project manager the main thing is to be a team player and the benefits will be for everyone.

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