October 1, 2023

2 thoughts on “The new certified project manager of the project

  1. Becoming a project manager is easy. Often, however, problems come after that.

    But let me start with the top stakeholders first. From the management’s point of view, the problems often come from vaguely defined rules and expectations, as well as insufficient communication with the Project Manager, which may be due to the lack of some time spent by senior management, but probably also due to the lack of initiative on the part of the Project Manager.

    As reasons for this situation, on the part of the Project Manager, I would point out the lack of personal skills and problem-solving skills, inability to motivate a team, irregular communication with the client, and last but not least overestimation of abilities, which has led to an erroneous assessment of the time needed to implement the project, as well as to a constant search for the reasons for failure in others, but not in himself. In case the deadlines for implementation are not set by the Project Manager, he had to convince the management that the implementation time is not enough and many problems will arise, which will negatively affect the final result.

    Also, the Project Manager has failed to gain the trust and respect of management, so his boss accepts the words of the client as pure truth, and does not listen to him.

    Lack of sufficient time and poor organization of the work process creates stress and tension and leads to inefficiency. Employees often have some support from the Project Manager regarding the implementation of the project and hold daily meetings, but are sometimes highly demotivated, and accusations and threats to them bring uncertainty and further escalation of tension.

    The main reason for the problems is not in the programmers but the lack of personal skills of the Project Manager.

    At this stage, I would not allow myself to advise you whether or not to continue working with the client in question, because I do not know him and accordingly I cannot accept what is written about him as 100% true. The client is not obliged to understand our work, because if it were so, most likely he would not need us, because he would finish it himself, not assign it to us. Direct accusations against the client are unacceptable and contradict the basic principle “The client is always right”.

    Communication with the client and regular provision of information about the progress of the project and the achieved results is essential for maintaining good relationships. In my opinion, the main reason for the problem is the lack of communication skills and untimely informing the client by the Project Manager.

    For starters, it would be very helpful to talk to team members to hear their views and suggestions on how to improve the workflow. Then I recommend that you discuss the situation with the other members of senior management and taking into account the opinion of the team to introduce clear rules for work and set specific expectations of employees.

  2. In every organization there are such type of meetings, they are, in my opinion, mandatory in order to monitor and track the development and motivation of colleagues and whether the projects are moving in the right direction. In relation to meetings and communication, I prefer to approach in my own way, if I have no effect, I will ask other colleagues of my rank to gain experience and try another model.
    I think that when colleagues see that the PM is also engaged and interested with them equally, the motivation is different.
    Any kind of individual meetings at a convenient time for both parties with colleagues are accepted in order to clarify their concerns or to check how they are motivated, what they lack in their work, what they would like to change or consultation, it is important to we have communication.
    Of course, last but not least, I will inform that everything is subject to change and I am open to team suggestions, so that we have the same vision and attitude, improve our work, communication and motivation, because this would certainly bring and experience on my part to create a bonus scheme or other type of material stimulation for my teams.

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