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The new certified project manager of the project

The new certified project manager of the project

My name is Liam Kennedy, and I am the new certified project manager of the project. So far, I have worked not only on software projects. As a certified project manager with a lot of experience, I have encountered many product development initiatives.

Coincidentally or not, some of the problems I hear about here are familiar to me from my previous job, and coincidentally or not, I am the complete opposite of my previous project manager colleague. Again, this is based on the information I received. Reference: Certified project manager shares about his career,

The previous certified project manager does not matter

I want us to clarify the principles of work from the very beginning so that everything can go smoothly.

First of all, I don’t care how the previous certified project manager behaved. I am FOR a friendly atmosphere in the team, and formalities like “you” are completely unnecessary. We have wonderful names, and everyone deserves their place here, and we should not feel inferior to the other – just different positions, different responsibilities. Reference: The new Certified Project Manager in the company,

Mentioning responsibilities, the second thing we need to do as a team is to distribute our tasks as accurately as possible. Have each of you point out your strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas where you can lend a hand to a colleague if needed. In this way, everyone will feel at home and work as calmly as possible. Also, don’t worry about me interfering with your work, because it can’t happen. We clarify the tasks, set deadlines, and then if you want to have fun for 5 hours and work 2 or vice versa if you want to listen to music and do not communicate with others as you work, do and work in any way you want, but meet the deadlines. I can’t, and I wouldn’t force a person to work in a specific way because I think it’s wrong. I don’t want you to worry about your superiors either – they are my problem.

The certified project manager recommends Agile and Scrum development

Regarding the project, I think it is very suitable for an Agile way of working. I suggest you do stand up meetings for 10-15 minutes maximum every day and to put a board where everyone can mark the daily tasks and the progress of the subprojects. Since I have seen with my own eyes negative reactions to this method and the board, I want to say – it is not to keep track of whether you work. Everything on board is much easier to manage and any omissions and problems are noticed much faster. Reference: The need for a certified project manager,

In the meantime, if someone has a problem or just wants to talk – I’m here. Formal or informal, I am always ready to talk. Everyone makes mistakes and you don’t have to worry about that. The only thing I do not tolerate is repeating the same mistakes. This means that the one who allows them does not care.

I cannot allow such an attitude. To succeed, you must have a work ethic, it is the thing that will pull you up. Hard work beats talent ☺. And remember – my duty to you is not to sabotage you and tell you how to work, but to be able to combine the skills you already have and help you if you have a problem so that the project can be completed. If you look even purely selfish, this way I manage to deliver projects and I can rise, and you who have completed them perfectly will also take the ladder up.

I suggest you choose as a team how often to meet, apart from the stand-ups, to discuss general progress and problems, but not more than once a month. Of course, if something serious happens, we will make an exception.

And last but not least – fun. I know that we are different people and some of us do not like to give a lot of effort, as well as workaholics. I like to use my lunch breaks and relaxation room. Your health (physical and mental) is more important than a project. There have been projects before us, there will be after us, but if we are not in shape, there is no way to deal with them. You can also consider gatherings outside of work – I accept any ideas, and the best – I will try to be borne by the company as an expense.

I cannot promise you that everything will be perfect and that I will be able to be everywhere at any moment. What I can promise you is that I will do my best to strengthen the slightly cracked team and to show with joint efforts that we are the best. Also, if you need any training or courses, do not hesitate to ask. I will try to provide it.  Reference: Certified project manager for their training,

BVOP, PMP, and PRINCE2 training

I can recommend BVOP, Prince2, or PMP training. But if you want for example ITIL also, you are welcome to request some classes. Have in mind that the BVOP methodology combines all modern ITIL, software, and Agile work models.  Reference: Review of the BVOP Certified Project Manager program,

You can find some good references for project management courses and certifications below. Don’t forget to check them out. I have attached links to,,, and many more media for you.

When I started working, the manager of the company, Mr. James, told me about the current state of the company and the problems. We discussed with him potential corrective actions and preventive measures that we intend to introduce.

I feel from all of you and the general atmosphere that the relations between the people are tense, the people are dissatisfied and there is a lack of motivation to work.

As my mission as a certified project manager, I want to introduce greater transparency in communication between employees and management. Reference: Qualities of the certified project manager, Creating an environment of transparency where we can talk openly about work, and you feel comfortable coming to me with everything that comes to mind, can do wonders for collective motivation.

Therefore, the first step will be a survey that you have already received in your emails. We send it to each of you to receive feedback from all people in the organization.

Stakeholders in the project

Next week we have organized a meeting with the client, which will be attended by me and Mr. Ivanov and we will discuss the current problems and future actions on our part. With this meeting, we aim to assure the client that there is a new project manager in the company, who will be personally responsible for the successful completion of the project next year.

We have purchased project management software to help me and you. The software we purchased offers features for creating charts and reports, sharing documents, tracking budgets, allocating resources, managing tasks, communicating with teams, and more. We have organized an introductory training for working with this software, which will be attended by all employees working on projects.
With this meeting and sharing this information, I want to encourage you in your development. Let’s accept the mistakes that were made before and learn a lesson.

I know that as a new person in the company you will need time to trust me as a professional, but I believe that leaders set an example. I want to give you an example of how with hard work and an optimistic outlook, even in the face of enormous challenges, we can cope together.

We, humans, are unique, with individual desires and complex ideals. No matter how carefully we plan everything, no strategy can be forever: we will make adjustments and changes until we find what works and motivates us all.

Let me summarize. I have been working as a certified project manager for over four years. I have managed medium and large projects, which has contributed to my better communication with clients, better time management, and dealing with problems of various kinds. I am well acquainted with the activities of your company and I am confident that our joint work will be fruitful.
I would like to organize another meeting next week to go through the project plan, implementation, and subsequent completion.


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To have constant feedback from you, we offer short weekly online meetings in which to discuss the current state of the project, possible problems, and to exchange information in general. These short meetings have always had a positive effect in my experience and I strongly recommend that we implement them.

You will receive two online meeting invitations from me – one for the meeting next week and one for the weekly meeting. If some of the classes are not convenient for you, please suggest new ones at a time convenient for you.

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