June 10, 2023

1 thought on “Lean and Agile software development

  1. To talk about Lean development, we need to accept Lean thinking. First, hire a sufficiently experienced professional who can refract the prism of thinking of a large part of the available human resources in the organization.

    Senior management and lower-level managers

    The second step would be for this Coach to start working in both senior management and lower-level managers (team managers). In this way, he can reach every single person in the organization through these team managers.

    Agile Coach

    The next step is for the Coach to start working with several specific teams, to understand their daily processes, and to try to optimize them if necessary. Then this team can share demo achievements, transformation, optimizations, etc. at demo sessions or knowledge sharing sessions organized by the company, which in turn can motivate other teams to apply similar practices in their processes. The problems we can face are quite common in any organization and they are Weak team management, which in the strategy described above strategy would be a serious problem.

    Additional training

    A possible solution would be additional training of managers and more individual work with them. Thinking that “The processes in my team do not need improvement!”. A possible solution in this situation is to organize additional sessions with the entire teams of such managers and to demonstrate (prove) that there is something to improve in each team. Only after all this can we have an optimized and accurate strategy and ways to develop.

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